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Cricket Balls Nz

Cricket balls NZ are of different types. If you have no idea whatsoever as far as cricket balls are concerned, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because we are going to discuss some of the most basic types of cricket balls in this article:

1. Cork Cricket Ball

Cork cricket ball is also known as leather cricket balls and is one of the most important cricket accessories. These are the balls that are generally used in professional cricket leagues in games.

If you want yourself to become a proper cricket player, we recommend you start training with cork cricket balls.

2. Red Leather Cricket Ball

A red cricket ball is another type of cricket ball that is significantly used in multi-day games. One of the many reasons to use red cricket balls is that players usually wear white dresses in multi-day games.

A red ball will easily be highlighted in the white background. If we talk about professional cricket, the red cricket ball is used to play test matches particularly.

3. White Leather Cricket Ball

If you are a cricket lover, you must know that a white leather cricket ball is generally used to play limited over cricket matches.

In limited over matches, players usually wear multicolor cricket kits, so a white ball can easily be located in such a scenario.

Due to colored wearing, it is not a right idea to use a red leather cricket ball there. A white leather cricket ball is used in ODI matches as well as in T20 matches.

Cricket Balls Nz

4. Pink Leather Cricket Ball

A pink leather cricket ball is a cricket ball that has just been introduced by the International Cricket Council to play day and night test matches.

Day-night cricket matches are played during nighttime as well, so a pink cricket ball can improve the night visibility significantly.

5. Tennis Cricket Ball

A tennis ball is commonly known as a tape cricket ball. It is a ball that is used by street players and players who are beginners as far as cricket is concerned.

There are basically two types of tennis balls;

  •   Light tennis cricket balls
  •   Heavy tennis cricket balls


We hope you have understood the different types of cricket balls NZ.

So, which one of the types stood out for you? And with which ball do you want to play in your coming life? For more information visit our Website

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