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A pool tip is subject to wear and tear over a period of time. Every time you make a stroke with your favorite cue, the tip on the cue will tear a bit. People use special cues that they have become used to and feel more comfortable with. Straighten a cue is, the better the stroke quality would be. So sometimes snooker and billiard players become pretty familiar and associated with a certain cue. So once the cue tip wears, they instead of changing the whole cue they prefer changing the tip of the cue. Al though this is pretty simple job, yet it requires some extra focus. Here in this article we are going to show and elaborate the technique to change a pool cue manufacturers tip just like a pro or a.

First of all, remove the old tip with a sharp blade. Now to smoothen the surface, carefully scrape across the surface to remove any leftover glue or the tip that has been removed. Also make sure that you do not dig into the ferrule or wood. Once you are done with this initial finishing of the tip, you will certainly have a perfectly flat shape now on the tip of the cue. This may still be uneven due to previous bad tipping, so just make sure to completely flatten the surface and only then you are good to proceed. Now take the tip, rub it slightly on a mild sandpaper to make sure that the tip surface has also been made pretty smooth to be compatible with flat surface of the wood. Finally gently blow the tip to remove any dust or leftover, and now you are all set to fix this. Now the main consideration is the quality of the glue that you are going to use. Just pour a drop of high quality super glue on the top of the billiard cue and immediately fix the top. Mind that you do not use too much of glue or else it may turn to any of the sides by slipping.

Once you have attached the tip to it, let it dry for a couple of minutes. You have a mushroom tip now, use some sharp blade to make the edges even. After cutting the extra clippings of leather, you may further use the sandpaper to further smoothen up the cue tip.