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When you set out to buy cue stick, you should know some points and tips before buying. Because buying a cue stick is not the thing that we do every day. So you need to have these points in your mind, and you will have the best cue in your hand. If you have better knowledge about cues, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. Here in this post, you will know some key points that will be very handy when you set out to buy a cue stick.

  • Tip of the cue:


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A tip is the most important part of the cue. Your gameplay is dependent on the tip of the cue. It is stiff and comes in different varieties. Some tips are hard, and some are soft. If you are a beginner, you should start with the softer tips. 

  • Length of the cue:

Pool cues come in different sizes, but nowadays, most players prefer the length of 58 inches. It is the most suitable length of people to play. But if you are going to buy a cue, you can add the extra length according to your needs.

  • Shaft material of the cue:

The front half of the cue is called the shaft. It can be made of fibreglass, graphite, or different kinds of wood. Choosing a cue on the bases of the shaft is totally up to you. Some people prefer the fibreglass or graphite made shaft, but wood shaft cues are also good to play. 

  • Wrap of the cue:

Wrap of the cue is also known as the grip of the cue. It is a place where you can grip your cue and pull it to play the stroke. Traction is available on the wrap which prevents your hand from slipping off the grip while holding it. If we talk in general, a wrap is made of linen, but it also comes with rubber and leather. 

  • Joint of the cue:

There is a joint in the middle that connects the wrap and the shaft of the cue. This joint can be made from wood, metal or plastic. Most of the pool cues come with the metal joint, and it is suitable for the beginners. 


If you are going to buy cue stick, you should look for one which is compatible with you. You should look for your ease while using the cue on the table. If you are not comfortable with a short cue, buy a long one.