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outdoor adventure parks Melbourne

It is summer season and time to explore the beauty of Melbourne by heading over to adventure playgrounds with many of the sophisticated with suburban Mecca’s. They have huge slides, water play areas, flying foxes, and various impressive climbing structures with equipment that are best and suited to suit every person. Here are the best outdoor adventure parks Melbourne in town.

outdoor adventure parks Melbourne

Birrarung Marr playground

Birrarung Marr Art playground is located in the city and best for rope and rock climbing experiences, swinging hammocks, tube slides, and liberty swing. It’s inside the town making it easy to enjoy a relaxed time after different appointments, and it offers a colorful ArtSpace playground. Kids would love to experience the big rolling down on the nearby hills, and the Art Play center for kids hosts different events, workshops, and performances.

The Royal Park Nature

The Royal Park Nature is located in the North of Melbourne and its perfect playground at Parkville with climbing forest, swings, water play area and rocky walls with slides. The park has a new natural ground that coasted 5.5million dollars that is ideal for retreat and relaxing and the best place for having a family time before visiting the Melbourne Zoo. It has the high ropes Melbourne perfect for adults and older children while the big slides and climbing structure offers the thrilling feel since they are filled with sand and water. The fountains make your kids get soaked.

The Eltham Lower Park

The Eltham Lower Park is the open Play Space that offers the perfect place for liberty swing, double flying fox, miniature railway, spinning carousel and butterfly climbing wall. The beautiful life of Eltham, the Copper Butterfly, inspires the place and the park offers the best adventure for both adults and children regardless of the age. The area has tactile Braille panels with high sand trays and the flying foxes with harness and without makes the perfect huge hits. The playground miniature railway that winds across the bridges and right through the tunnels offers the best enjoyment time, and it considers the best countrywide.

St Kilda Adventure Park

The park is located in the South of Melbourne and best for go-kart tracks, a big airplane, flying foes, wooden horses, chook houses, and trampolines. The best place to enjoy quality times as a family and its built from the recycled materials with a rustic backyard feel giving the most imaginative and unique playgrounds in Australia.

The above outdoor adventure parks Melbourne gives the ideal opportunity to keep you relaxed and fresh.