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Horse racing tips

The Horse racing tips are to take your punt like a professional and give you more value and benefits. If you want to earn more profit from betting then you should find valued winners. You can find odd winners because your real profit is in value not in the winners. Value is very important for the punter just like the shrewd shopper. You should shop around the bookies and find your best value.

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It is very important to know about the odd value for a horse in any race. It is an art. You should take a deep detail about bookies, odds, win, and loss, determine each bet and calculate your profit percentage or loss. If you have a bet, update the records on daily basis. You should put your money in a separate bank account so you won’t use that money for other purposes. Bet only 2% of your money and if you win the bet don’t spend the whole money instead keep it in the bank for future betting.

All punter loss so you need to accept this reality. Horse losing runs are very immediate so you can’t expect win always. If you save your money after a win, then losing money will not be an issue for you. If you want the best horse racing tips and full income from horse racing then you should consider it like a job. You need to put your time and be disciplined.

Being a professional punter sound very good but it needs so much hard work and it can be very stressful for you sometimes. Betting is a challenging task. The bookies can be very intolerant at times. You can move to any other shop or an online account if you want. You should not get attached to horses emotionally, don’t bet in emotions always use your mind. If you are losing a bet, just keep the faith for having a win for the next race.

There are many types of horse racing; you should have information about all. These types include maiden race, novice race, graduation race, handicap race and progress race. For every race, horses carry differently sized weight and it is worldly accepted that weight has an immense effect on the performance of the horse. The draw has a great influence on the race output, so with poor draw horses don’t race.